Top 10 Most Beautiful Thai Ladyboys in 2013

Thai ladyboys who are beautiful and elegant are not hard to find nowsaday on the street of Bangkok. Thanks to sophisticated plastic surgery tecniques.

Unlike Thai ladyboys that you imagine before you come to thailand or have seen in some movies, they are not easy and have high pride of themselves. Not only that they are widely accepted, but also highly respected from the society as one of a real beautiful woman.

If you meet one of them somewhere, and want to speak with them. Please make sure that before you go talking to them, you have a good will and will speak with them with a good manner as same as you do when you approach a real woman. the best facial cream mask

This list is based only on my own opinion. if you don’t agree with it, please please please comment or argue in a polite manner.

Here is a list of the most beautiful Thai ladyboys in 2013

10. Arin – Thai Ladyboy

thai ladyboy arin4thai ladyboys arinthai ladyboy arin2thai ladyboy arin

9. Kaitong – Miss Tiffany 2006 Thailand

thai ladyboys kaitong3thai ladyboy kaitong2thai ladyboys kaitongthai ladyboy kaitong4

8. Ploy – Thai Ladyboy

thai ladyboy ploy4thai ladyboy ploy3thai ladyboy ploy2thai ladyboy ploy

7. Rose – Thai Ladyboy

thai ladyboy rose4thai ladyboy rose3thai ladybos rose2thai ladyboys rose

6. Film – Miss Tiffany 2007 Thailand

film thai ladyboythai ladyboy film3thailand ladyboys film2thai ladyboy film

5. Lukpud – Alcazar Pattaya

thai ladyboys lukpud4thailand ladyboys lukpud 3thai ladyboy lukpud2thai ladyboy lukpud

4. Nhing – 2nd Runner Up, Tiffany 2013 Thailand

thailand ladyboy nhing 3thai ladyboys nhing 2thai ladyboy nhing 1thai ladyboy  nhing

3. Boss – 1st Runner Up, Tiffany 2013 Thailand

thai ladyboy boss 2thai ladyboy boss 3

thai ladyboys boss4thailand ladyboy boss

2. Nek – Miss Tiffany 2013 Thailand

thai ladyboys nek 4thai ladyboy nek 3thai ladyboy nek 2thai ladyboy nek

1. Poy – Miss Tiffany 2004 Thailand

thai_ladyboy_poy3thai_ladyboy_poy2thai_ladyboy_poypoy ladyboy



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